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There are many different types of rums one can enjoy from spiced rums and flavored rums to dark and white rums. And while there are key differences to take note of it’s important to acknowledge the overlap in all. Each of these types of rums are fermented and distilled from sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. White rum is a popular type of rum that is largely available in the United States and best known for its usage in popular cocktails and distinct flavor.  


What is White Rum?

White rum is also known as silver rum or light rum and is fermented in steel casts. This is an important distinction to note, as most other rums (specifically dark rums) are distilled and fermented in oak barrels. 


What Does White Rum Taste Like?

White rum is known to have a dry finish compared to other types of rums, according to


  • It is light on aroma
  • Has a slightly sweet taste
  • Offers hints of coconut, banana or vanilla, according to Tom Macy Cocktails.


These aromatic flavors are some of the reasons white rum is often used as a base in some of your favorite cocktails (which we’ll get to momentarily). 

Where Does White Rum Come From?

Largely, rum in all its forms comes from the Caribbean and parts of South America. Experts and specialists believe white rum is mostly derived from the following regions: 


  • Puerto Rico 
  • Cuba 
  • Parts of Venezuela 
  • The island of Martinique

Taste and ageing process might vary based on region.

What Makes White Rum Different from Other Types of Rum?

Aside from white rum being fermented in steel casts instead of wood or oak, the main difference between white rum and other types of rum is the aging process. 

  • Generally, the lighter the rum, the shorter the ageing process. 
  • Dark rums, aged rums and overproof rums sit for a minimum of two years, while many gold or pale rums are aged somewhere between 15 to 20 months. 
  • White rum, on the other hand, is generally aged no more than two years and sometimes not at all! 


Which Brands Produce White Rum?

Many rum brands you’re familiar with offer a selection of white rums to enjoy. ABV might vary from brand to brand, along with cost, size and calorie count, so it’s important to look at all factors before purchasing and enjoying a bottle of white rum. Some brands that offer white rum include: 

  • Rhum J.M’s Agricole Blanc 
  • Dipolmatico’s Planas 
  • Owney’s White Rum
  • Don Q Cristal
  • Ten To One’s Caribbean White Rum 
  • Bacardi Superior Rum 
  • Havana Club’s Anejo Blanco

Classic White Rum Cocktails

Due to its lighter, more subtle flavor, white rum makes a great base for classic summer cocktails like a:

  • Piña Colada
  • Strawberry Daiquiri 
  • Mojito
  • Conquito 

White Rum Cocktails For The Summer

Aside from the classic Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri, there is of course a great selection of summer cocktails you can create with white rum including:

  • The Painkiller
  • Hurricane 
  • Blue Hawaii

White Rum Cocktails For The Winter

While rum generally gets associated with tropical islands, vacations and the summer season, white rum could easily find a place in your winter drink menu with a number of cocktails. 

  • Rum and Ginger Ale: First and foremost, this is a classic beverage. A straightforward and refreshing highball that feels subtle and refreshing. 
  • Dark & Stormy: Another classic winter rum drink with a bold and sultry taste. 
  • Mai Tai: A great way to bring a warmer spirit to those colder winter months. 


That said, no matter the season, a well-made white rum cocktail is bound to make you feel like you’re on vacation. Sip Back, Relax and Enjoy! 

What Are The Health Advantages of White Rum?

Like other types of rum, white rum, when consumed in moderation, has been found to have a handful of health benefits including: 

  • Muscle relief 
  • An effective cough and cold fighter 
  • Could lower cholesterol levels

Where Can You Buy White Rum?

Generally, white rum can be purchased at your local liquor store or online, where you can find other types of rum. Overproof or vintage rums are usually a bit harder to source but if your heart is set on white rum, you can purchase at the following locations: 

  • Your local BevMo 

How Can I Tell if I’m Drinking a Good White Rum?

When it comes to wine, running a quick quality check is pretty easy. You smell it, let it oxygenate, take a small sip, swirl it around your mouth and breathe it in a bit. This is something you’ve likely learned at any winery but did you know that there’s a method to qualifying your rum too? 

  • First, pour your rum into a clear glass and check for any cloudiness. A good rum, whether dark or white, will be clear and defined in its color, without any murkiness, according to
  • Next, give it a quick taste. You don’t want to let it air out too much. Swoosh it around your mouth and be mindful of the notes you pick up. If strong alcohol is the first thing you notice, it’s no good! Ideally, you’d want to be able to relish in the dynamic sweet and smokiness of the rum. 
  • If the flavor and complexity are the first to hit your taste buds, you’ve found yourself a winner. 

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