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When it comes to any beverage or liquor the question of calories is bound to come up. White Rum lovers and connoisseurs alike often wonder if they’re consuming empty calories each time they consume a cocktail, but that is not necessarily the case. The calorie count on any rum based cocktail will depend on a few key factors: serving size, alcohol proof and added ingredients the cocktail might call for.

Yes, white rum contains about 32 calories per ounce. To provide some reference, on average, a popular rum-based cocktail like a Daiquiri will contain about 2 ounces of rum, according to

With that standard serving size in mind, you’re looking at about 64 calories of rum in a classic rum-based cocktail. Calorie counts can run between 50-120 calories per every 2 ounces and can vary based on brands! One shot of Bacardi White Rum (25 ml), for example, contains about 54 calories while  according to BlackTail NYC. At the same time, a shot of Captain Morgan original spiced rum can run about 87 calories per 1.5 ounces. See below for more specifics per brand!

How Do Calories Differ with White Rum Cocktails?

Understanding the caloric breakdown of white rum on its own is a great first step but equally important is being mindful of the other ingredients that make it into your chosen rum-based beverage. A Pina Colada will likely have more calories than a Daiquiri due to the added fruits and ingredients. Still, compared to other pure clear spirits like tequila or gin, rum contains roughly the same amount of calories, as noted in our table below. 


Where do the calories actually come from?

If you’re the type of drinker who’s looking to maintain weight loss or adhere to a healthy diet, you may wonder where exactly how we arrive at this calorie count. When you look at the nutritional breakdown of rum, specifically white rum, you’ll notice there are no carbs, no fats (cocktails evaluated separately) and no grams of sugar, since the beverage is distilled, according to So where do the calories actually come from? 


The alcohol in rum comes from the alcohol proof or concentrate. Each gram of alcohol provides 7 calories, according to So if you are a rum drinker and trying to avoid empty calories, it’s best you drink rum in its pure form or on ice. And of course, alcohol consumption is advised in moderation so before pouring your favorite drink, be mindful of serving size and your overall drinks per day. 

Does White Rum Make You Gain Weight?

When consumed in moderation and on its own, white rum isn’t likely to lead to weight gain. However, when paired with sweeteners, drink blends, additional sugars and mixers, the possibility of weight gain increases.

White rum tends to be less caloric than dark rum and simultaneously contains less sugars, as dark rums often bolster added sugars.


  • Calorie count varies based on the type and brand of rum you consume 
  • Generally, a standard shot of rum (1.5 ounces) runs around the same calorie count as other clear spirits like gin, tequila and vodka
  • Being mindful of your mixers and add-ons when it comes to rum-based cocktails is paramount to maintain a lower calorie count 

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