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Rum is as diverse a spirit as whiskey, tequila, vodka and more. It is eclectic, delectable and rich in flavor and body. For many rum drinkers, rum is the base for their favorite cocktails and for others, it is a drink enjoyed fully on its own. 

Whatever type of rum drinker you identify as, one thing’s almost certain: you’re always looking for high quality and strong taste. While some white rums are best for cocktails and others simply neat, the world’s top shelf white rum brands are readily available at your own liquor store, letting you bring that indulgent tropical flavor into your own home and living room. 

Best White Rum For Sipping: Denizen Aged White Rum

Ah, to sip or to stir? That is the age old question that runs through the minds of rum lovers everywhere. 

  • If you prefer your drink neat, on ice or straight, we recommend Denizen Aged White
  • This rum is matured three years, longer than the average white rum, making it a prime choice for sipping. 
  • Derived from rum stock in Trinidad and Jamaica, this rum is aged and filtered through charcoal, creating a grassy and oaky taste with hints of vanilla. 

Best White Rum for Daiquiris: Ten To One Caribbean White Rum

Daiquiris are the ultimate white rum cocktail and are unique in that they can be taken in any direction. There is the classic daiquiri, the banana daiquiri, the strawberry daiquiri, the Hemingway and more. The daiquiri is so much more dynamic than just another blended slushy drink. In a way, you can think about your daiquiri as a blank palate, with the colors being the added flavors and of course, the paintbrush being your white rum base. For Daiquiris, we recommend Ten To One Caribbean White Rum.

  • This white rum is actually completely unaged with no added sugar 
  • It’s made from ingredients from both Jamaica and the Dominican Republic 
  • Ten To One White Rum contains notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, white pepper and lemongrass 

Best White Rum for Piña Coladas: Plantation 3 Stars

If you’re looking to enjoy this notorious island cocktail, you may want to go with the Plantation 3 Stars option. Rooted in Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica, this full-bodied spirit will provide the aromatic flavors you crave in a colada. 

  • Those who enjoy this white rum brand speak to its notes of chocolate, root beer and even toasted biscuits, all of which compliment the pineapple and coconut flavors that envelop with the other ingredients, according to

Best White Rum for Mojitos: Havana Club Añejo Blanco

The mojito is a go-to drink for so many and can be so delicious when done right! That’s why it’s so important to find the best quality rum for this ubiquitous beverage. To compliment the earthy and minty tones that come with a mojito, we’d suggest using Havana Club Añejo Blanco. This white rum is as historical as it is tasty, according to Restaurant Clicks

  • This rum recipe dates back to 1934 and is aged twice before being bottled
  • Includes complex notes of vanilla and oak 
  • Also works well as a base for Daiquiris 

Best White Rum For Mai Tais: Rhum J.M. Agricole Blanc

Mai Tais can actually be made with either dark or white rums, but if you’re going with a white rum, for a lighter taste, we would recommend Rhum J.M. Blanc. This rum is also unique in that it is crafted from fresh-cut sugar cane, instead of molasses. Rhum J.M. Blanc derives from the island of Martinique and grown in volcanic soils, contributing to the minerality and earthiness that comes with each bottle.  

  • Contains tasting notes of banana, grilled pineapple, black pepper and green chile
  • Has an ABV of 50 percent 
  • Distilleries in the former French colony of Martinique follow strict rum production guidelines issues by the French government called AOC (appellations d’origine contrôlée), according to This system dates back to the 15th century! 

Best Aged White Rum: Diplomatico Planas 

If you are looking for that aged and seasoned taste, you’re probably best off purchasing a bottle of Diplomatico Planas. This rum is aged six years and is distilled and bottled in Venezuela. 

  • With an ABV of 47 percent, Diplomatico Planas contains tasting notes of citrus, cream, coffee and vanilla
  • Often enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but can also serve well as a base for your favorite rum-based cocktail

Best Craft White Rum: Cutwater Three Sheets Rum

Unlike most rums, Cutwater Three Sheets Rum is actually aged, distilled and bottled in San Diego, California, and not in the Caribbean. This craft rum is made from cane sugar, not molasses, and is also gluten-free. 

  • Contains tasting notes of vanilla, citrus and pepper 
  • Has an ABV of 40 percent 

Best Overproof White Rum: Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, overproof rum is not for the faint of heart … or temperamental tastebuds either. In other words, save this round for your strongest soldiers. However, in the case that you (or the company you keep) are up for a challenge, we would recommend Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum.

    • This rum has a 63 percent ABV 
    • Handcrafted in Jamaica’s Nasssau Valley, produced via small batch distillation unaged, at 125.5 percent proof

Best White Rum to Splurge On: Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc

With a clean finish and strong body, Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc is the perfect bottle of rum to splurge on! It is produced from fresh squeezed sugar cane juice, instead of molasses and is aged for only three months and comes from the former French island of Martinique. 

      • This rum is known for its citrusy and floral notes
      • Sourced from two sugar fields in northern Martinique, this rum is 100 proof and has an ABV of 52.5 percent

Best White Rum Under $30: Bacardi Superior White Rum 

Like any liquor, rum can get pricy. Luckily there are a few brands that keep your budget in mind, allowing you to enjoy those vacation vibes whenever you desire. One of the most notable white rums you can pick up for under $30 is Bacardi Superior White Rum.

        • This versatile rum can be used for many different drinks, from Piña Coladas to Mojitos
        • Those who enjoy it speak to notes of vanilla, oak, almond and even lime 
        • This affordable white rum is available on Drizzly for less than $20

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